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Eliminate Pet Stains From Your Carpet in The Best Restoration Way

Best Gainesville Carpet Cleaner

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Pre-Treating Pet Stains

It’s highly important to pre-treat existing pet stains in order to help release the odor and discoloration caused by dog/cat urine or feces. Our Gainesville carpet cleaners use specialized solutions to help lift stains away, making it easier to restore your rugs to their original beauty. We do recommend that you eliminate as much of the stain yourself when it occurs to prevent permanent discoloration.

Cleaning Up the Stain

You should always use cool to lukewarm water whenever you attempt to wipe after a pet accident. Hot water sets the stain, making it virtually impossible to get it out. Due to the contaminated nature of the stain, you should only use paper towels or rags that you are willing to throw away. If you are cleaning the stain on your own, make sure that you use a cleaning solution designed for that purpose. If the stain doesn’t disappear or reappears after a few weeks, consider calling in our Gainesville carpet cleaners to remedy the situation for you.

Summarizing Pet Stain Removal

While it is possible to attempt do-it-yourself pet stain removal, the results will not be as successful as a professional cleaning. However, you should attempt it so that the stain is less likely to become permanent. Your first step is to clean up as much of the urine as possible when you first notice its presence. Next, you’ll want to use a specialized pet cleaner containing the enzymes needed to eliminate urine proteins. Finally, you’ll want to have a professional carpet cleaning service out to completely remove the stains. Check references or read a few reviews on the Gainesville carpet cleaner that you choose.