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Carpet Cleaning in Gainesville FLThe professional at The Best Restoration are here to help you to protect one of the biggest investment in your home. Carpet cleaning done properly can get your carpets back into luxurious shape. As a top-notch company for professional carpet cleaning services in Gainesville, FL we believe in educating our technician on the latest techniques in the industry.

So industry certification is very important. Our state of the art truck mounted equipment heats the water to 200 degrees to cut through dirt and grime.
We do have the ability to go portable if needed to help reach even the toughest of places. Contact the team of best carpet cleaners in Gainesville, FL Today!

No job too big or too small, The Best Restoration, Carpet Cleaning Company in Gainesville FL can do it all!!

  • Walk Through

    Our carpet cleaning technicians will walk through the areas to be cleaned, to help identify any problem areas such as heavy traffic soiling, stains, pet odors, or damaged carpet in need of repair. Our professional carpet cleaners in Gainesville, Florida will talk with you about these areas and a have a plan to correct these issues.

  • Pre-Treat

    Your carpets are pre-sprayed with an emulsifying solution to assist in the breakdown of dirt and stains
    This is an inessential step in cleaning your carpets. During this step, we spray all of the carpeted areas with our Pre-treatment solution applied with hot water using hydro force equipment, before the cleaning begins. This will allow any ground in dirt or spots on your carpet to come out when we complete the cleaning process to ensure the excellence our cleaning performance for our customers.

  • High Powered Steam Clean

    Now comes the part where your carpets begin to look good.
    We will utilize our High Powered Truck Mounted System to steam clean the carpets and remove the soiled material and clean deep down at the base of the carpet fibers. It will rinse our most of residue left from previous cleaning. Our process will not harm your carpet and in fact, carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning as the method for cleaning.

  • Neutralizing your carpet.

    This is the final step in our process. This step is important because it will make certain that the Pre-treatment solution used in Step 2 has been completely removed so there is no residue left in your carpet. This will make your carpet feel soft and new after we finish.

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