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Carpet Protection Services 

Don't we all want our carpets to be flawlessly clean and capable of resisting wear and tear for a long time? We can help you! 

A clean and perfect carpet gives your living space a welcoming aura. However, carpets also can trap dirt that slowly builds up layers of filth. Over a period, these pollutants and allergens choke the health out of your carpet and threaten healthy living. Home cleaning a carpet may not be the right solution. Hence, professional cleaning and carpet protection is what you need!

Protecting your textiles with a Fiber Protector is the first line of defense to give it a long life. Fiber Protector is a unique product that has helped shield some of the finest textiles for our clientele. The product has a varied application on fabrics of all types, from those in the aviation industry to luxury European hotels down to the ones in your homes or offices.

Fiber protectors do not affect the natural properties of the fabric. It uses advanced, state-of-the-art Nano-technology to preserve the cleanliness and beauty of the fabric. The product retains the original color and texture of the fabric and can be used on any fabric type. So, give your fabrics a new life with this revolutionary product.

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Besides carpets, the fiber protector can be applied to other areas of your home including
Our fabric protection services ensure all your fabric surfaces get the best treatment by applying the revolutionary Fabric Protector to boost their longevity and enhance their look. Once you let our experts treat your fabrics with fabric protectors, you will see the difference yourself! Besides residences, our protectors are used in a lot of other sectors including-
Interior designers
Commercial Properties
High-end Luxury Areas
Luxury and Private Aircraft interiors
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Why You Need Fiber Protector?

Fiber Protector is a proven technology having a brilliant track record across industries. The advanced protection system is independently tested and proven for efficacy. It has been used by customers over several years in varied industries.

The application of Fiber Protector by our experienced carpet protection service providers protects it from accidental spills and germs- thereby giving it a long and healthy life. Here are some other reasons you must ask the fabric and upholstery protector services providers to apply Fiber Protector on your fabrics.

Best protection- Fiber Protector is the most technologically advanced product globally, using nano-technology to encapsulate and protect each fiber from dirt, fluid, and oils.

Improved air quality- By reducing allergens, the product improves indoor air quality and inhibits microorganism growth

Protects the colors- Fiber Protector prevents the colors from fading due to UV ray exposure

Maximizes life- It helps to maximize the life of carpet and upholstery by preventing wear

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Benefits of Carpet Protection

By now, you must have realized why carpet protection is essential. However, using a fabric stain protector on your carpets has benefits, especially when a professional fabric protection service applies Fabric Protectors.

Fiber Protector passes through rigorous quality tests so that it can offer the best protection to your fabrics. Here is a list of the benefits your carpet gains when treated with a quality carpet & upholstery protector.

Fiber Protector keeps the carpet safe from oil and water seepage.
It is an eco-friendly, safe fabric protectant that does not emit VOCs and causes no allergies
Fiber Protector can protect the fabric from viruses and bacteria.
The application of a carpet protector spray does not allow the dirt and dust to settle on the fibers and also protects the colors from UV rays
Carpet protection spray act as a coating of wax on the rug and carpet fibers. It prevents the fibers from rubbing against each other, which is a major reason for the faster wear and tear of a carpet.
Carpet protector sprays can improve professional deep cleaning and help you save time and money.
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What else do our carpet cleaning services give you?

At The Best Restoration, we understand how precious your carpets are for you. Therefore, carpet protection is always our priority. We are a leading carpet cleaning service offering our services at affordable prices. Our services cover everything from cleaning the stains to bug infestations, repairing any wear and tear, odor removal, and giving your carpet back looking and feeling new. Yet our prices are pocket-friendly and worth every penny you spend on the carpet clean-up.
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