Gainesville Flood Restoration Service

What Does Gainesville Flood
Restoration Service Involve?

Gainesville Flood Restoration Service

Gainesville Flood Restoration ServiceObtaining reliable Gainesville Flood Restoration Service  after your home or business has taken on water is important if you want to prevent the structural damage and health risks that can accompany this type of situation. Experienced technicians understand the hidden tasks that need to be accomplished if you are to avoid mold, mildew, nasty odors, and problems with the support structures of the building. Here is a look at the tasks that should take place after water damage occurs.

Water Extraction

After the initial assessment, which is used to determine the source of the flooding, water extraction takes place. The use of commercial-grade equipment allows the technicians to complete this job quickly and efficiently.

Carpet Restoration

Soaked carpets are cleaned and dried to eliminate the possibility of mold growth. Unfortunately, padding is usually unsalvageable.

Flooring Restoration

Damaged flooring is restored to pre-flood condition using specialized cleaners, sanders, buffers, and other tools.

Structural Drying

Specialized equipment is used to air out and dry your building and possessions. Moisture meters can be used to detect the presence of water behind the walls or beneath the floors. If it is discovered, repairs might be required to remedy the problem.

Odor Removal

The aftermath of a flooded basement, garage, crawlspace, or lower level can include unpleasant odors that seem to permeate your entire home. Attempts to mask the odor using air fresheners and candles provide only a temporary solution that does nothing to actually remove the source of the odor. A professional Gainesville Flood Restoration Service  offers effective strategies that can eliminate the odors from your home or business without delay. Experienced technicians have the knowledge and the equipment needed to identify the underlying cause of the odor and remove it permanently from your building.

Mold Remediation

Since mold can flourish, given the right type of environment, in as little as 48 hours, it is possible that your building will require remediation services to eliminate mold spores. Mold can lead to respiratory issues, so it is important to eradicate it permanently from your structure. If left unattended, mold can damage your possessions, weakening their fabric or construction and staining them permanently. Obtaining Gainesville Flood Restoration Service  in Gainesville, Florida, promptly minimizes this risk.