fire damage restoration

How Fire Damage Repair is Done by the Experts

Fire can be very destructive. It holds no regard to anything and anyone, as it will indiscriminately ravage a property once it breaks loose. The most important thing to do is to put it out as soon as possible in hopes of lessening the damage incurred to property and lives.

The second most important thing to do is to initiate fire damage repair. Fire damage repair will assess the damage done and restore the appearance of your property.

Here’s how fire damage repair is done by professionals.


Initiating a fire damage cleanup is different from just cleaning a house after a party. That’s where you just immediately pick up a trash bag and throw things in it or just pick up your broom and start sweeping.

Fire damage is different, as it requires careful planning and assessment before the fire damage repair can begin. After a fire ravages a property, it needs to be assessed thoroughly. Professionals will know where to look and what to look for.

The property will not only be assessed for the extent of the damage but also specifically for ongoing water intrusion. The extent of the penetration of the fire to the structure of the house will be investigated. In addition, the contents of the property will also be assessed so they will know which can be kept or discarded.

Through this, a professional fire damage repair team will know what to do to try and restore your property to its former condition. Using this assessment, they will be able to give you an estimate as to how much the restoration will cost.

Securing the Property and Debris Removal

The next thing to do now that the scope of work has been determined is to secure the property. It’s important to create a fence in the perimeter to ensure that no one unauthorized or uninformed of what happened may wander inside and injure themselves or cause further damage to the property.

Also, the fence is to give the fire remediation team a crowd-free room to work with. Next is to secure and remove all debris from the fire. Also, parts of the house will be sealed off from the weather. Covering up the roof to protect the interior of the house is necessary.

Preventing Further Damage

Corrosion and mold will be some of your biggest problems in the aftermath of a fire. That’s why water needs to be removed or the property dried out before proceeding any further. All personal properties will also be removed from the place.

Drywalls that were damaged, floorings, as well as some other materials that were ruined will also be stripped down to studs if deemed necessary. All of these are in order to restore the property’s structural integrity.

If needed, there will be some portions of the property that on the surface may have survived that will need to be torn down for the overall safety of the house.

Starting the Cleaning Process

We’ve now come to the most extensive part of the fire and smoke damage repair process — the cleanup. Even professionals won’t rely solely on machines to do this phase of the job. Expect a lot of manual labor during the cleanup.

This is due to the attention to details needed in the execution. Each part of the property will be swept thoroughly and remediated. Then, right after the cleanup comes the deodorizing process. This is to remove the odor of smoke that may have latched onto the property.

Sanitation follows, using antimicrobial chemicals for best results. The ducts won’t be disregarded either and will be checked and cleaned thoroughly for soot.


The last step of the process is to try and restore the property to how it was before the fire. Different construction processes commence restoring different parts of the place.

The roof, electrical wirings, drywall, and flooring are some of the parts of the property that will be paid special attention to. This phase of the whole restoration process can take a while depending on the extent of the damage.

But nonetheless, the property owner may begin to see a sense of normalcy at this point, as the damage of the fire will slowly yet surely be erased. After all has been rebuilt, furniture and fixtures will finally be brought back inside the property for finishing touches.


Fire may ruin more than just property. But it doesn’t mean that if you’ve gone through such an ordeal that you can’t get back up on your feet. Fire damage restoration services are always here to help.

Be sure to call only professionals to get the best results when it comes to repairing and restoring your home and property.  Contact us at The Best Restoration today to find out how we can help.