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How Often To Clean Your Upholstery

Are you wondering how often to clean upholstery in your home? Have you been asking yourself, “Where can I find experts who offer upholstery cleaning near me?”

Keep reading to discover the best way to clean upholstery on your own. Learn also how often you need to deep clean upholstery with the professional help of carpet cleaning services.

Why Should You Keep Your Carpets and Upholstery Clean?

To inspire you to clean your upholstery on a regular basis, you should find out the pressing reason why you need to do so in the first place. Why is it important to sanitize your carpets, couches, living room recliners, dining room chairs, and other upholstered furniture?

The reason is simple: The cleanliness of your entire house — including your upholstery — affects the health and well-being of your family and pets.

While it is probably your habit to sweep the wooden floor and wipe the tabletops every day, you may neglect to focus on the cleanliness of your carpet and furniture on the same level. However, this unintentional neglect may pose a risk to your health.

Did you know that carpets and upholstered furniture have a tendency to trap bacteria, dust, and allergens in its fibers? This is especially true if you have kids and pets in your home.

The possibility of your upholstery getting dirtier grows even more if you always entertain visitors in your house. And given that Jacksonville is one of the most popular waterfront destinations in Florida, it’s likely that you often have guests in your home.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets and Upholstery?

Ideally, you should personally clean your carpet and upholstered furniture every day. If you are too busy for daily cleaning, do it every few days or as often as your schedule allows.

The best ways to clean your upholstery is through surface cleaning and spot cleaning.

Practice regular surface cleaning to remove some of the dust and dirt from your upholstery. You can maintain the freshness of your carpet if you vacuum it. You can keep your furniture clean if you often wipe them.

Perform occasional spot cleaning as well to remove unsightly stains on your carpet and upholstered furniture.

How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Upholstery Professionally Cleaned?

Keep in mind though that, no matter how often you clean your upholstery, there is only a limit to the level of cleanliness that you can achieve. There are certain types of bacteria and allergens can only be removed by professional cleaners using professional equipment.

That’s why homeowners in Jacksonville like you should get the services of Florida-based cleaning experts, such as the Best Restoration, to disinfect your upholstery every three to four months.

What Carpet Cleaning Services Does Best Restoration Offer?

We at The Best Restoration provide superior carpet cleaning services to residents in Jacksonville, Gainesville, and other areas in Florida.

Deep Carpet Cleaning Process

Our deep carpet cleaning process is thorough and efficient. It starts out with a pre-inspection of your carpets by our ICRC certified technicians to identify the problematic areas. Next, we will perform a pre-vacuum cleaning to remove surface dirt and hair.

During the pre-treatment process, our team will use emulsifying solutions to break down stains and dirt. Afterwards, our high powered steam cleaning procedure will deep clean your carpets without damaging them. Next, we will carry out neutralization to ensure that there are no residues left in your carpets.

Last but not least, we will make a final inspection to make sure that your carpets are clean, stain-free, and in tiptop condition.

Other Carpet Cleaning and Repair Services

We at The Best Restoration also offer you other specialized carpet cleaning and repair services.

Are you a pet owner? Our pet odor removal services can help eliminate pet stains and odors in your home.

Is your carpet damaged by dirt spots, bleach stains, or burn marks? Our carpet repair services can restore your old carpet to its former glory. Aside from re-stretching and dyeing your carpet, we can match and patch your carpet as well.

Contact The Best Restoration for Deep Carpet Cleaning Services

Are you ready to freshen up your carpet and upholstery in your home? Call The Best Restoration at (352) 505-3321, or send us a message to schedule your deep carpet cleaning services today.