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Professional Mold Removal Services ASAP.

Mold Remediation — Call us to Get Rid of Mold Right Now Before it’s Too Late

Mold infestations are a big problem in homes and offices with leaky roofs and plumbing. It’s important to immediately schedule a professional mold remediation specialist to get rid of the mold before the contamination spreads. Not many property owners know that mold has the potential to spread fast and can cause a great deal of damage. It grows into colonies in damp areas. Its removal is a must because it can damage the structural integrity of the property, and produce irritants and allergens. These allergens are extremely harmful to your health—causing health risks like asthma, sinus problems, fatigue, depression and fungal infections.

The Best Restoration Company Helps You Ensure Quick, Safe and Complete Mold Removal

mold remediation companyRemember to call a professional, mold clean up is not a DIY task. Mold can grow virtually anywhere, such as bathrooms, drywall, subflooring, window frames, caulking, plumbing, basements, wet walls, carpeting, painted walls, ventilation systems and water damaged mattresses. Therefore, it’s important to hire a professional for mold removal specialist to get rid of mold quickly, completely and safely. The Best Restoration is the company of choice for mold remediation services in Gainesville and Alchua County. At The Best Restoration, we help property owners to quickly rid their home of microscopic and problematic mold spores completely. This is accomplished by using safe and effective products. When you book our services for mold remediation our professional team of certified technicians will immediately arrive with state-of-the art equipment. At The Best Restoration, we believe that fast response time can significantly lessen the damage and truly limits further damage while reducing associated cost.

Specializing in mold cleanup services, we have the experience, the expertise and the equipment to safely tackle and manage any mold situation—regardless of its complexity. Our mold remediation Gainesville, FL team performs all work in compliance with EPA Guidelines and IICRC S-520 Standards for mold removal.

Our Effective and Proven Process for Mold Remediation in Gainesville, FL

mold damage restorationWe, at The Best Restoration, use the most advanced instruments and procedures for mold removal. Our mold remediation experts use tools to determine moisture levels in the air, on surfaces and on sub-surface materials. Based on that, we strategically create a mold removal and drying plan to safely remove mold contamination and moisture. Our process for mold remediation can be divided into four basic steps. These include the following:

  • Our trained mold remediation experts conduct a comprehensive mold infiltration assessment. Then we contain mold spores and stop them from growing and infesting uncontaminated areas by sealing off the mold spores.
  • The next step is humidity control. This helps us target the root cause of the mold growth. We remove the environmental conditions that mold breeds and thrives on i.e. too much moisture. We create a targeted and detailed drying plan to quickly and safely remove moisture. When needed, we perform water extraction using our advanced tools such as industrial grade dehumidifiers and high speed vortex fans until the conditions reach the EMC (Equilibrium Moisture Content) level.
  • Once the space is fully dry, we start the third step of mold remediation. And that is killing and removal of mold. By using HEPA vacuums that are built with extremely fine filters, we remove even the tiniest of particles leaving your air and environment clean and mold free.
  • Then we apply antimicrobials and disinfectants to prevent future mold growth.

At The Best Restoration, we strive to provide customers with the best and fast mold remediation services at cost-effective prices with complete satisfaction. We are willing to go the extra mile to assist our clients, even with the insurance claim process. At The Best Restoration, we are at your service round the clock—24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We offer you the support and services that you need to get rid of mold spores completely from your home and keep your air clean and fresh.

For Mold Remediation in Gainesville, FL— Contact us Today.

If you have mold infestation in your home, get in touch with us and benefit from our expertise in mold remediation instead of cleaning it on your own. Though many home owners are inclined to perform the mold removal task by themselves, it is not advisable.

This is because mold removal is a serious task that needs expertise and requires industrial grade equipment to ensure complete eradication. It is a job that demands expert handling for mold identification, containment, air filtration and mold cleaning services. So, call (352)234-8994 to schedule for professional mold remediation Gainesville FL services.

Benefit from mold remediation and stop mold growth and infestation before it damages your property and health.

Elizabeth Torrence
Laura dePaz Cabrera

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Marsha Zahner
Chris Hardoin

The Best Restoration has the most friendly and knowledgeable staff! Our dog was not so kind to our area rugs but your magicians somehow made them look like new. We use them and refer them for a myriad of services and the...

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Elizabeth Torrence
Sherry Johnson

My experience with The Best Restoration company was wonderful! The customer service on the phone was great and so was the carpet cleaning job to my living room floor. Carlos was the technician that I had. He was professional and took care of my flooring. It was not a rush job. I have Berber carpet that is really old, it looks 70% better now. I'm going to have them come back.

Elizabeth Torrence
Yoli Castillo

I needed a carpet clean, and Best Restoration was wonderful making job, Professional, punctual, good price. Highly Recomended!

Diana Sperring
Diana Sperring

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Richard Carreno
Richard Carreno

Kenny cleared the dryer vent and was very personable and efficient

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