bacteria in air ducts

How to Eliminate the Bacteria in Air Ducts

Many home cleaners regularly clean their homes. But they often forget the air ducts. If this describes you, do not feel sorry. Because it is easy to give the air ducts that usually lie above the head a miss. Nonetheless, there can be countless viruses and bacteria in air ducts- enough to make you fall ill.
If you ever look inside air ducts, you will be shocked to see the amount of dust that has accumulated inside. But, unfortunately that’s not all. Along with the thick layer of dust there are millions of microbes present within the duct. These microorganisms are invisible to the naked but be the cause behind a foul smell that permeates your room and severe illnesses affecting you and your family members.
But do not fret. In this blog, we will cover everything that you need to know to get rid of this menace.

Microorganisms in Air ducts

As the Covid-19 pandemic has shown, the air that we breathe can get contaminated. The tiny droplets of dust and microbes present in the outer air can come indoors and settle in your air ducts. Sans regular cleaning by a professional Gainesville air duct cleaning company, these noxious elements can start circulating in your home and infect the home dwellers.
Here are some commonly found microbes in a typical air duct:


Mold, a type of fungus commonly appears in air ducts. Molds prefer warm, dirty and humid environments. Therefore, the inside of the air duct offers the perfect place for the propagation of molds. Soon, the molds place spores in the air, which spreads throughout the room when you activate the HVAC. Overtime, these spores will degrade the quality of your home air and make your family members fall ill.

Bio aerosols

Bio aerosol refers to the microscopic organisms that can swing through the air. Some common bio aerosols are pollen, dust mites, amoebas, plant fragments, bacteria, etc. These can severely affect the skin and the respiratory system. The presence of several viruses and bacteria as aerosols can even be life threatening and cause severe respiratory ailments.

How to Notice the Presence of Bacteria in Air Ducts?

The air ducts in most homes are in difficult to access locations. As such, most homeowners overlook them while cleaning their house. Overtime, the uncleaned ducts accumulate dust, and other microbes. Often it is difficult to detect bacteria in AC units during early stages.
But you can understand when there is a significant amount of microbial buildup in the air ducts, by looking at several signs. One of the common signs that indicates a significant amount of microbes in the duct is the commonality of health and breathing issues amongst your family members.
Especially the children and the elderly are most susceptible to the ailments caused by these microbes and have symptoms like throat or nose irritations, blocked sinuses, breathing difficulty, etc. The presence of too much microorganisms in the air ducts can also make your family members suffer from muscle aches, hay fever, etc.
Therefore, you should never ignore regular cleaning of the air ducts by professionals. Regular cleaning can remove the dust and help get rid of microbes. But, with so many service providers around, how can you select the best?

Suggestions for Choosing a Duct Cleaning Company

There are several companies offering duct cleaning in Gainesville, FL. So, the question is how to find one that suits your needs. Many homeowners have this question in mind while looking for duct cleaning services. So here is a checklist of the steps that you can follow to land yourself the best resource:
1. Make a thorough research and compile a list of all companies offering duct cleaning services.
2. Refine the list to select providers having the highest customer rating
3. Check out whether they have the state license
4. Consider the experience they have in removing bacteria present in air ducts
5. Compare their rates and the number of hours they will take to get the job done.
By following the above steps, you can end up with experienced service providers who are experts in the field. Always pay heed to the experience of a provider and check out feedback from other customers before making a choice. You can protect yourself from scammers by not falling for tall claims and making a choice after carefully weighing your options.
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