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How to Remove Sticky Residue After Carpet Cleaning?

Have you ever tried washing a large carpet all by yourself? If you haven’t then you’re a lucky carpet owner. But if you have, you’ve probably also had to deal with leftover stains and residue from detergent or soap on the carpet.

DIY carpet cleaning works. However, the problem is that not everyone does it properly or thoroughly. Without the right tools and experience, it’s easy to make mistakes during the process and end up with sticky residue after carpet cleaning.

Removing sticky detergent residue from carpets requires a fair amount of elbow grease. The good news is that you can choose from several household solutions to eliminate the problem. For best results though, you should consider calling a professional Gainesville carpet cleaning service.

Let’s take a look at three effective ways to remove carpet cleaning residue.

1) Using Vinegar

White vinegar is an all-around solution for any home cleaning problem. It can easily remove stains not just from carpets but also from tiles and other surfaces. For sticky carpet residue, we can use vinegar manually or a cleaner machine.

Manual Method

Make sure the carpet is no longer wet before using white vinegar to remove the sticky leftover detergent. Use a fresh clean cloth to gently blot or dab the damp parts of the carpet. This will also help remove some of the stickiness.

Once all or most of the water is absorbed, pour some white vinegar onto a fresh cloth or towel. Again, gently dab it onto the affected areas. This will not only remove the traces of soap or detergent but also help prevent any mold or bacteria growth on the carpet.

Machine Method

Another way to use white vinegar for removing sticky residue after carpet cleaning is by using it with a carpet cleaner or shampooer. For this method, we’ll be using vinegar as a shampoo or soap replacement.

Take ¼ cup white vinegar and carefully load it into the carpet shampooer. After that, all that’s needed is to run the machine like normal and clean the sticky spots on the carpet. Compared to the manual method, using a carpet shampooer also helps make the carpet fibers look shinier.

2) Using Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is another safe and effective solution for removing soap and detergent residue. It can also help remove other types of stains, including coffee, wine, pet urine, and mud.

Pour some rubbing alcohol into a shallow dish or bowl. Then take a scrubber brush and dip it onto the rubbing alcohol. Alternatively, we can also use a spray bottle filled with alcohol and spray it directly onto the affected area.

Use the brush to slowly and gently scrub the carpet fibers. If the carpet fibers are short or low pile, a scouring sponge may also work. Dip the brush onto the alcohol or spray the carpet repeatedly as needed until the carpet is no longer sticky.

One big advantage to using rubbing alcohol is that it evaporates. As such, we can be sure it would not leave any residue. Most importantly, it will not ruin the carpet fibers or colors as long as we don’t rub the alcohol onto the carpet too vigorously.

3) Using a Carpet Steam Cleaner

A professional carpet steam cleaner is the best way to thoroughly, gently, and safely remove any sticky residue after carpet cleaning. A carpet steam cleaner is like a combination of a carpet shampooer and a high-powered vacuum cleaner.

However, unlike the shampooer, it does not require any soap or shampoo. Instead, it uses hot water to dilute any sticky residues. After that, the powerful vacuum sucks the water in so that the carpet doesn’t soak up the water.

The only drawback with using a carpet steam cleaner is that it can be hard to operate if you’ve never tried using it before. As such, it is often better to turn to professional cleaning services and let the experts handle it.

If you’re renting a carpet steam cleaner and cleaning your carpet yourself, we recommend doing two to five light runs over the sticky areas. Be careful not to overwash or use too much hot water. Doing a single heavy laundering pass over the carpet can leave your carpet soaked and more at risk of molds or damage.

4) Avoiding Sticky Carpet Cleaning Residue

There is one tried and true way to avoid having any residual detergent or soap on your carpet. A professional carpet cleaning service ensures your rugs and carpets are properly and thoroughly cleaned before they’re returned to your home.

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