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Arranging Your Gainesville Restoration Company with a Water Damage Insurance Claim

Gainesville Restoration CompanyYou might be wondering how to arrange for Gainesville Restoration Company if you currently carry insurance on a business property in Gainesville that has been negatively impacted by flooding. First, you need to arrange for water extraction, cleaning tasks, and sanitizing strategies. Next, you’ll want to decide to repair or replace damaged items from the business, including walls, baseboards, ceilings, furniture, and floors. Finally, if you believe your Gainesville Restoration Company is covered by your insurance policy, you’ll want to complete a claim.

What Is a Water Damage Insurance Claim?

A water damage insurance claim is one of the most common types of claims reported to Florida insurers for residential and commercial properties. It is a formal declaration to receive compensation for the expense you incurred to remedy damage occurring to your property. Unless your policy is worded to include flood damage, it is possible that you are not covered at all. It is important for you to understand the terms of your insurance policy. If you are unsure as to what type of damage your insurance covers, it is up to you to contact your insurer to find out.

Events Not Covered by Typical Water Damage Insurance Policies

Not all Gainesville Restoration Company’s claims will receive positive responses.The following causes of water damage are not generally covered:

  • Flooding caused by natural storms, rising rivers, and similar incidents of nature
  • Water damage caused by backed up sewers and/or drains from outside the home
  • Windstorms
  • Problems arising from lack of maintenance on the property
  • Certain repairs/replacements associated with the water damage claim
  • Mold damage caused by the flooding

Filing a Timely Water Damage Claim

In most cases, you have a limited time to submit a claim for Gainesville Restoration Company related to water damage in Florida. It is up to you to read the fine print contained in your insurance policy or to call the insurer and find out the deadline to submit your claim. You’ll need documentation of the damages as well as proof of any expenses you paid regarding the restoration of your business property. Therefore, it is important that you arrange to have water extraction and remediation handled as quickly as you can.