power washing a brick house

Should You Power Wash A Brick House? Learn More Here

If you are wondering whether you should power wash a brick house, the answer is in the affirmative. At first glance, it might sound to be counterintuitive. After all, the brick is a porous material. As such, pressure cleaning should do more damage than good.
However, irrespective of the advice you get, remember that it is perfectly ok to power wash your brick house. After all, the brick wall does get dingy over time. As such, the best way to keep your brick wall exterior shining is through pressure cleaning.
But, it does not mean that you should pick up a pressure nozzle and start washing your brick walls at any flow pressure. However, there is a need to avoid certain caveats for saving your brick wall from damages. As such, the best decision would be to hire professionals from reputed Gainesville pressure washing companies for a thorough clean.
Moreover, if you want to do it alone, here is a step-by-step guide-

Step by Step Guide on How to Power Wash a Brick House

Step 1: Choosing a pressure washer

While power washing brick walls, choosing the proper pressure washer is essential. Pressure is the first caveat in the affirmative answer to the question of should you power wash a brick house. Additionally, the pressure washer’s PSI is critical in the choice.

Make sure to select a washer in the range of 100 to 1500 PSI for the best results. Thus, one with a higher PSI might end up damaging your brick wall. The damage inflicted by a high PSI pressure washer on the brick wall might seem trivial initially. But over time, the cracks can deteriorate- eventually crumbling down your house.

Step 2: Preparing the wall

Preparing the wall before pressure cleaning is essential to prevent water seeping in. The process also prevents massive damage to the wall. Follow the following steps for this process-

  • Apply mortar

Look out for gaps or cracks in the brick wall. If you spot any damage or loose mortar, seal that area off with fresh plaster. Allow a few days to let it dry before doing anything else.

  • Clear cleaning area

Before starting the cleaning process, remove obstacles that can hinder cleaning. Also, cover furniture lying nearby to prevent them from getting soaked up.

  • Wash gently

Since brick is not a waterproof material, you should always wash gently. Mildly spray water on the brick wall to make it wet but not soaked.

Step 3: The Power Washing

Start the power washing process by first loading the detergent tank with a safe cleaning solution. The cleaning solution should be eco-friendly and suitable for the brick wall.

After loading the detergent, start the pressure washer for spraying the same on the brick wall. Use ample amounts of water and detergent to clean your brick house thoroughly. Also, apply the right amount of pressure that cleans the dirt without damaging the wall.

Use the pressure washer to spray the walls from bottom to top. You should also use the brush to remove stubborn dirt. Also, maintain a distance while using the pressure washer to spray on the brick wall. By standing too close, you will apply too much pressure- thereby damaging the wall.

By maintaining a suitable distance from the wall, you can apply the correct pressure at the right points to wash off detergent and dirt.

Now that we have laid down the steps for you threadbare, the question arises can you do it yourself? Let’s check this answer in the final section of this blog.

Can You Power Wash a Brick House Yourself?

The above discussion clearly shows that you can pressure wash your brick wall. Pressure cleaning is one of the most effective methods of removing duct. However, the brick is a porous material.

Therefore, you cannot overlook the need for power washing the right way to avoid damage. In this regard, following the above steps can help. However, no matter of reading can substitute the experience and expertise of professionals in the field.

Thus, hiring professionals from leading pressure washing services providers would be ideal. And, if you are looking for a company that can do the job professionally, look no further than The Best Restoration.

The company has several years of experience, trained professionals, the latest equipment, and quality technicians in its arsenal. This makes The Best Restoration ideally poised to handle all your pressure cleaning requests.

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