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Tile and Grout Cleaning Company Gainesville-Our Experts can Help You Get Rid of the Toughest Stains

tile and grout cleaningEven if you vacuum, clean and mop the tiles in your bathroom, kitchen or pool on a weekly basis, you may not be fully satisfied with the results. This is particularly because cleaning tiles and grout requires special equipment and expertise. And this is exactly why it is important to schedule for professional tile and grout cleaning services in Gainesville like The Best Restoration.

We, at The Best Restoration, specialize in tile & grout cleaning. Our professional tile and grout cleaners are well-trained, equipped and experienced. We provide you with detailed cleaning and sealing services in the shortest time with complete satisfaction. By leveraging on our expertise, we remove the toughest stains, and dirt accumulated in grout thereby restoring the original shine and luster.

Other great benefits of professional tile and grout cleaning services include:

  • Prolongs the life of your tiles and avoids expensive replacements. By hiring a professional for tile and grout cleaning, you can ensure that all embedded grime from all nooks and corners (which are hard to reach) is removed. Complete removal of grime and dirt buildup is important because if not removed in a timely manner, it can start breaking down the flooring structure thereby causing unseen and serious damage that eventually may require tile replacement.
  • Helps make a good impression on your guests, and clients alike. Whether you’re a home owner or a commercial property owner, if your tiles are clean and bright, they will make a positive impression on your guests and business clients. If your flooring is full of dirt, stains, looks grungy and in bad condition, it will make your business look bad and unprofessional. Your clients and customers are going to get a negative impression about your business and eventually will walk away. And that is definitely something you don’t want.

We are a Gainesville Tile and Grout Cleaning Company for both Residential and Commercial Property Owners

Providing top quality, professional and reliable services for years, we take pride in being the go-to Gainesville tile and grout cleaning company among both residential and commercial property owners. At The Best Restoration, we make sure that every project is completed to client satisfaction. And to ensure this, we follow a stringent and detailed tile and grout cleaning process.

  • Area Inspection
    When you hire our tile and grout cleaning company for the job, our technicians will first inspect your cleaning area. This inspection is carried out to assess the condition of your tiles and grout.
  • Notation/ Identification
    The next step is notation. Our team will identify and note damages to grout or tiles, if any.
  • Pretreat with Cleaners
    Our tile and grout cleaning service, truly begins at this stage where we start by pretreating the tiles and grout. We apply environmental-friendly and non-toxic cleaners that penetrate deep down to the surface of the tile and grout.
  • Scrubbing
    Our experts then scrub the entire area with a high quality tile brush.
  • Pressurized Steam Cleaning
    We have a team of the best grout cleaners who are skilled at using truck mount systems and special grout equipment for pressure cleaning the treated surface. Pressurized steam cleaning helps remove the toughest stains, dirt, dust, allergens, bacteria and moisture that tends to accumulate and hold in porous grout. By using our specialized cleaning equipment and tools, we are able to break through stubborn and sticky residues that regular home cleaning products can’t.
  • Seal the Grout Lines
    To make sure that dirt doesn’t collect in the grout and it remains super clean, our experts apply a high quality sealant on the grout lines. This sealant repels stains, liquids and dirt thereby keeping your bathroom, kitchen and pool bright, clean, and looking new.

Call us for Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Whether you want to get your bathroom tiles cleaned, kitchen countertops, backsplashes or interior floor of your pool cleaned, call us today on (352)234-8994. We can help you get rid of all the stains and dirt making sure that your tiles are as good as new.

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Katharine LavenhagenKatharine Lavenhagen

Kevin and Tony did a great job cleaning the tile inside our house and the stained concrete on the back porch. My husband and I were really pleased with the results. Quick turnaround and great customer service. Highly recommend. Thank you best restoration for your hard work and great customer service!

Janet StierwaltJanet Stierwalt

There is no match for this company. Jorge and his crew treat all of their customers with top priority and you can always be sure that the job gets done without corners cut. Thank you for helping our residents after this hurricane and thank you for working so hard to meet our deadline. We love you!