Gainesville Water Clean Up

Water Clean Up

Gainesville Water Clean up

gainesville-water-clean-upIf your residential or commercial property has experienced flooding of any kind, you’ll need to take steps right away to minimize the damage it can create.
The first task you begin should be to look into efficient water clean up strategies.
Getting the water out of your home as quickly as possible will limit the amount of damage that it can create.

Problems Water Creates

Stagnant water within a building is the perfect breeding ground for all types of disease-causing pathogens. The longer that you allow the water to remain in your home, the greater the likelihood is that microbial organisms will begin to develop into larger colonies. The risk of becoming ill from these contaminants is real, so you should make every attempt to begin water clean up as soon as possible.

Cleaning Up after Water Intrusion

As soon as you notice flooding inside your building, you should check to make sure that existing sump pumps are working. If you do not have a sump pump installed, you can purchase a portable one that can be used to remove the water from your home. You’ll need a hose that you can connect to the pump for the purpose of channeling the water out of the home and into the yard or down a drain.

Vacuums designed to pick up water are useful in removing water from your floors. You will need to dump the water frequently, so it’s a good idea to get someone strong to assist you with this task.

Once most of the water has been eliminated, you can use mops and rags to wipe up small puddles and streaks of water. It’s a good idea to wear waterproof boots and gloves to avoid getting the water on your skin.

Water Extraction

Unfortunately, if flooding has occurred in your home or business, water has probably gotten into your walls. You’ll need a professional water restoration company to assist you in water clean up that involves structural components of your building. Since the water is hidden beneath floor joists or behind walls, specialized equipment will be used to assess its presence.