Jacksonville tile and grout cleaning

Tile Grout Cleaning Gainesville

We enjoy having beautiful homes and the addition of stone tiles, marble and ceramic to our entryways, bathrooms, kitchens and sometimes even other living spaces and outdoor areas.
Tiles are very durable and look great for much longer than many other floor and wall coverings. Sadly even this type of material eventually falls prey to dirt, grime and germs that are found in our homes. Mold, mildew, food particles, dust and other grime can enter into the porous surface of the tile as well as into the grouting turning them from a thing of beauty to something less so. Call our Gainesville Tile & Grout Cleaning company Today.

What do people usually do to for grout cleaning?

People mop their floors, sweep regularly and even get down on their knees with a toothbrush to scrub away at the marks on the tiles and grout. This can be extremely hard work and the results may leave a lot to be desired. You are unlikely to remove all the marks and stains and get into all the little crevices and you are left with sore hands, sore knees and a painful back and your tiles still don’t look clean. There are also some ugly stains that just won’t come off, and professional grout cleaning is inevitable.

So what do you do for grout cleaning is needed?

Find a professional tile and grout cleaner that can come in with floor cleaning machines and cleaning materials that are environmentally friendly and don’t use a lot of chemical based cleaning materials that leave your home full of  hazardous chemicals after they have finished the job. Using the right equipment, an expert tile cleaning company can get to all the dirt and bacteria hiding deep within the tiles and grout, leaving them sparkling clean and germ free. A deep down clean should also restore gleaming color while making your home healthier for everyone. Cleaning the grout can be a bit more difficult as they are more prone to absorbing liquids that are spilled on to them as they are a lot more porous than tile. Once your tiles and grout are properly cleaned, it is recommended that you apply a sealant to preserve the tiles and prevent spills from soaking into the grouting and the tiles causing stains.

A professional tile and grout cleaning company would normally test the various tiles and stone before the floor cleaning begins to see what type of material it is. Limestone, marble, travertine and terrazzo are very acid sensitive and can be damaged if not cleaned with the correct materials. The area should be cordoned off before tile cleaning begins. The tiles would need to be surface cleaned and inspected for damage and the surrounding areas also need to be clean and dirt free so that dust is not blown back onto the tiles during cleaning or when they are being sealed. Tiles should be cleaned and inspected along the way to ensure the colors stay constant. When the sealer is applied straight after the sealing process is completed, it does not leave much chance for germs to get inside the tiles and tiles are easier to clean for a longer period of time.