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How to Remove Carpet Dents Caused by Furniture?

Any homeowner with large carpets is familiar with carpet indentations. The combination of heavy or large furniture and wall-to-wall carpets make these indentations a natural part of our lives.
Carpet dents often look irreversible. Many homeowners choose to simply hide it using the furniture that caused the dent or simply replace their carpet.

All hope is not lost, though. Professional carpet cleaning in Gainesville, FL will fix such issues right away. There are also a few DIY ways to remove carpet dents and make our carpets look great again.

Small or Shallow Carpet Dents

Small or shallow carpet indentations are naturally easier to remedy. There are two ways we can fix these types of carpet dents.

Using Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are many savvy homeowners’ go-to DIY solutions to fix small, unsightly carpet dents.

First, get the ice cubes and use them to cover the entire dented area. Use as many ice cubes as necessary for this step.

Wait a couple of hours for the ice cube to melt. Carpets with thicker or fluffier fibers may need more ice. Once the ice has melted, take the towel and dab it on the wet spot to absorb excess moisture. Make sure to do this meticulously for thicker carpets or rugs.

When all the excess moisture is absorbed, fluff up the damp fibers using fingers or a tool, such as a fork. A wet and dry vacuum is a great way to absorb leftover moisture while fluffing up the fibers.

Using a Steam Iron

Heat and steam are also great alternative solutions to fixing carpet dents. This is also why professionally steam cleaning carpets help make them look brand new again.

Take a steam iron, turn it on, and wait for it to emit steam. Hold the steam iron around six inches or 15 cm away from the dent. Allow the steam to moisten and warm up the flattened fibers.

For homeowners without a steam iron, a blow dryer and water spritzer work just as well. Simply spray the area with some water then hold the blow dryer on the damp part.

Once the fibers are warm and moist, start to fluff up the carpet fibers. Working the edge of a coin or any sturdy, flat tool back and forth is effective for this. When the fibers are standing up again, don’t forget to gently blot the area to remove the excess moisture.

Large or Deep Carpet Dents

For larger or deeper carpet dents, it may be better to call in the experts. However, if you want to try fixing it yourself first, here’s what we recommend doing.

Dampen a towel or dishcloth with some water. Make sure that the damp towel will cover the entire affected area. Place it over the dent then prepare the clothes iron.

Set the iron on medium heat. Once the iron is hot enough, run it over the damp towel for 30 to 60 seconds. If it has a steam setting, then fill it up with water and use that instead.

Make sure the iron doesn’t come into direct contact with the carpet to avoid burning the fibers. Fluff up or vacuum the warm, damp fibers afterward.

How to Avoid Furniture Carpet Indentations

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Rather than spending hours trying to remove furniture dents from the carpet, a few simple changes around the house can help prevent them instead. Here are our top tips to prevent furniture from damaging carpet fibers.

Move the Furniture Around

Don’t let furniture rest in one area for an extended period. Doing so will result in extremely deep and even permanent indentations.

For large and heavy furniture like sofas, moving them a few inches every couple of months will be enough. This will allow the carpet fibers to rest and naturally bounce back.

Make the Furniture Feet Wider

A wider surface area spreads the weight of the furniture around, rather than having it concentrate on a single point. This lessens the pressure on the carpet.

One way to do this is to place furniture discs or flat pieces of wood under the feet of furniture. This method works great on beds, couches, sofas, shelves, and more. It will also work on tables on chairs, though it may look out of place, depending on the design of the furniture.

Keep Carpets Looking Their Best

Learning how to get dents out of carpets is a highly useful skill for homeowners. However, if you truly want to restore your carpet to its former glory, you will need to do more than that.

After all, fixing dents does not magically free the carpet from all the dirt, dust, and grime hidden in its fibers.

For these, you’ll need the aid of expert carpet cleaners in Gainesville, FL. The Best Restoration is always ready to help homeowners remove carpet dents, clean their carpets, and keep their carpets looking and smelling like brand new. Call us today at 352-505-3321 to get a free estimate!