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Restoration After The Fire

What’s next after fire damage and Water Damage Restoration

fire restoration gainesvilleIn the case of fire and restoration services, step one is to ensure everyone got out safely. Most people have an evacuation plan in place at their place of business, but it is also good to have one in place at home in case of fire and flood emergency. Then you can call Gainesville restoration personnel and your insurance company.  Once everything has died down, you can then begin to deal with the aftermath of the flames.  In the case of total destruction, your insurance company will probably take steps to level the building and then start from the foundation up. In the case of less serious fires, there are a number of issues that will need to be dealt with. This is where dealing with a professional restoration company will help you make sense of the process and advise you every step of the way on what is being done.

Safety and Security after Fire Damage, Flooding, Restoration Services

Your doors and windows may need to be boarded up and the structure assessed as well as a tarp laid over the roof to protect your home from any further damage from the elements. You may also want to ensure that the property is protected, perhaps by a security firm while no one is living in the home to reduce the chance of theft and vandalism. You may even want to look at renting a place to store all of your furniture and valuables while your home is being restored.

The Flood Clean Up and Fire Restoration Services

The first step is to deal with the issues that could cause further harm to your home and property. Dealing with issues such as water damaged electrical cables, burned stairs that are likely to collapse, roof repairs and plumbing would need to be the first priority to prevent more damage and make the home livable again.  The next steps would be the actual flood cleanup work such as removing all the debris including appliances and furniture that cannot be repaired or restored. Water removal is the next step in the process as it is likely that a lot of your items were drenched during the fire extinguishing procedures. These items will also need to be assessed and repaired / restored where possible. This would include your carpeting, upholstery and so forth. This will also help prevent mold growing in your home after the water damage cleanup and fire restoration is complete.  All soot would need to be cleaned up from surfaces, in the air system (HVAC) and in hidden crevices as this can also be a health hazard if not removed completely. Then the home is cleared of smoke and bad odors by cleaning and sanitizing items and using special processes such as reverse air machines to suck the smoke out and ozone machines to neutralize odors left behind as a result of the fire.

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After Fire and Water Damage

Once you are able to move back into your home after our Gainesville restoration services, you would need to look at discarding any food items, including canned food that have been exposed to heat or smoke during the fire. You would also need to have appliances professionally checked for water damage before using them, even if they do not appear damaged as smoke and soot can penetrate the appliances and cause damage internally.