how to get glass out of carpets

Useful Tips on How to Get Glass Out of Carpets

Did your dog just smash your delicate vase on your carpeted floor, and now you are wondering how to get the glass out of the carpet? Broken glass pieces are extremely sharp and dangerous and can hurt someone severely, especially if you have kids or pets at home. Therefore, if glass shards are on your carpet, you must attend to them without delay. However, broken glass on rugs can be challenging to clean. If the prices are big, you can simply pick and discard them, but what do you do about the tiny shards stuck in the carpet fibers?
If you are facing the same issue, here are some easy tips on how to get broken glass out of carpets:

Stop and look

Glass shards tend to scatter everywhere, so it is important to determine a safer route from where you are standing to avoid stepping on the glass and ripping the carpet. You need to be extra careful if you are not wearing any shoes. Try to avoid moving if you are barefoot and ask someone to get you something to wear before being mobile.

Prepare and get the right gear

First and foremost, you must put on safety gloves. Do not try to clean the shards with bare hands. This crucial step can avoid injuries and assist you in being an expert on how to pick up glass from carpets properly. Clear out the bigger pieces first. Carefully remove them and place them in a container. Even when wearing safety gloves, don’t get too comfortable. Keep an eye on the sharp edges, as one cut can easily result in many stitches

Vacuum the smaller pieces

This is one of the most obvious tips on how to clean broken glass from the carpet. As per the advice from experts at any reputed service offering carpet cleaning in Gainesville, this is the most convenient way to remove the smallest pieces.
When the glass breaks, the bigger glass pieces are prominent and visible to the naked eye. What you cannot see are the tiny splinters in your carpet fiber. Cleaning those small glass fragments is the real challenge. Vacuuming the entire carpeted area would suck all the glass pieces, leaving the area clean and safe.
Continue vacuuming the area until you stop hearing glass enter your vacuum cleaner. Then, you should empty your vacuum bag or container in your glass bin and make one final sweep with the vacuum cleaner to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

If not Vacuum, then?

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner handy, or you’d rather not risk any damage to your vacuum cleaner, you can try getting a little innovative. Try cleaning the carpet by pressing bread or potato over the entire surface area. It may be tedious, but seriously, it works!
If you’ve followed all these steps, you should have a nice, clean carpet that hasn’t been damaged by your broken glass accident. And hopefully, next time you take a sip from a drinking glass, you’ll keep a better grip on it to save you from this headache in the future.

Experts do it perfectly

If you want to avoid all the hassle and don’t want to take a chance, consider calling the experts. They are experienced and have dealt with such issues several times to know how to handle such incidents best. They have the right gear and required equipment to help you clean broken glass from carpets. This way, you can avoid mishaps, save your vacuum cleaner and ensure that the carpet is safe to be used in the house.

Safety first and last

So, now that you know how to take the glass out of carpets, remember that it is essential to keep yourself safe. Wear gloves and footwear to ensure you don’t hurt yourself. Moreover, don’t forget that the real problem is the tiny splinters scattered all around and embedded deep into the fibers of the carpet. Consider professional carpet cleaning in Gainesville, FL, to ensure your safety and that of everyone around you.